King of Thieves Hack- Infinite gold and gems free

King of Thieves hack – The best way to get free gems and gold

If you are looking for a hack tool with which you can generate free gems and gold in King of Thieves game then you have reached the right place. Today we are going to introduce you to our King of Thieves Hack. If you have ever spent any amount of money on buying resources from in-app purchase or have spent a lot of time playing this game just to collect gold and gems then you are really going to love our King of Thieves Hack.

With this King of Thieves hack you can generate not thousands, not millions but infinite amounts of gems and gold. Don’t believe us? Click on the links provided below and start using the KOT hack right now. This tool is 100% free so you can try it right now without spending even a single penny.

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The King of Thieves game is such an addictive game that most of the newbies end up spending all of their gems and gold pretty quickly. Then as the game gets tougher they start feeling the lack of resources. But not now, our King of Thieves hack is there for your help. Let’s look at how you can use this amazing tool right now.

king of thieves hack

How to use the KOT Hack?

It’s not rocket science to understand and start using the King of Thieves Cheats Tool. With only few clicks you will be able to generate your free gems and gold in seconds. Just carefully follow the steps given below.

  1. Open the KOT gems and gold generator by clicking on the links provided on our page.
  2. Then enter your King of Thieves username in the generator.
  3. Select the platform (Android/iOS) on which you are playing this game.
  4. Turn on the Encryption (optional).
  5. Click on Connect.
  6. Now enter the number of Gems and gold that you want.
  7. Click on Generate!
  8. Complete a quick human verification step and it’s done! Run your game and enjoy free gems and gold.

And that’s it. This is all that you have to do in order to get your free gems and gold in King of Thieves game. So, don’t wait anymore and give it a try right now.

** What is that Human verification step? **

Well in order to protect our hack tool from unwanted automated bots he had to install this human verification step. You may have seen it at other places too (while registering for a site, filling a forum on Internet etc.). This is introduced in order to verify that the user accessing our hack is a human and not an automated bot as those bot tamper with the working of our hack and makes it non-functional. So, please co-operate. It will only take 2-3 minutes to complete that. Thank you.

What are features of our King of Thieves hack tool?

We at Gameistar believe in excellence. We don’t release tools having bugs, or errors or malfunctions. Our developers and IT team tests the tool on more than 500 devices before releasing them on our site. You can trust our team fully. That’s why we make the best hack tools that has ever existed on the whole Internet. Our features make our tools the best. Let’s have a look at those features: –

  1. Get free gems and gold in a blink of an eye.
  2. Developed by professional IT Developers.
  3. Does not require you to download KOT hack apk or ipa files.
  4. Works on all platform including iOS/Android/PC (bluestack etc.)
  5. Update every week.
  6. Trusted and used by more than 50k users.
  7. KOT hack supports Anti-Ban Scripts and End to End Encryption for better safety.

And these features are only the tip of the iceberg. So, don’t wait even a bit just start using the King of thieves hack right away. Generate as many gold and gems as you want without compromising with your safety. Start enjoying your game like you never did before. Share this tool with your friends too.

king of thieves hack

How does the King of Thieves Hack works?

I think you might be thinking about this. You might be thinking that how this thing works? Is it fake? Or is it real? So, let me remove all your doubts by telling you how our hack tool works.

First of all, we created our private servers where we can host our hack tool. Every time you use our hack the requests are send to the servers. In the server, we create a duplicate profile of yours. It has all your details including your username, current resources, etc. The current resource value is changed from current to desired. This profile is then taken to the game servers where we replace your original profile with this duplicate profile. And that’s how you get the increased amount of resources in your account.

So, that’s how our KOT hack works. Now don’t wait anymore just click on the links provided on our page and start using the King of Thieves Cheats Hack tool right now.

If you need any further help comment down in the comment section and our IT support team will be there for you to provide solutions for your problems.

King of Thieves Tips and Tricks

So, we are not only going to provide you with unlimited gold and gems. We are going to provide you with small good tips and tricks with which you can enjoy your game much more. What will be the benefit of having huge amount of gold and gems when you can’t play the game like a PRO! So, we are going to share some of our tips and tricks with you. Apply these tricks in your game and watch yourself become a pro. So, let’s get started!

Learning from mistakes: – Got raided? No problem! There is always a next game. Watch the replays and learn from the opponent. Learn how did they raided you and which loopholes they exploited. You just have to learn from others.

Upgrade your locks asap: – The locks are your first line of defence. So, you should build them as much as you can. Upgrade them and frustrate your opponent.

Play Single Mode and get more totems: – Totems are crucial, that’s why you should complete simple player levels. It will give you XP, Gold and some totems. So, do that.

Use the KOT hack cheats: – Well even if you become a pro of this game, you will still need those resources again and again. Our King of Thieves cheats engine will provide you resources for free. Use it and never spend even a single penny on in-app purchases.

So, we shared some of the best tips and tricks. Now, it’s your turn to apply them in your game and watch your gaming improve.

Updates of the KOT cheats tool

Here I am going to tell you about the updates of this tool. Details about each and every update will be put here. Our updates are tested on more than 1500 devices before releasing them on our website.

More than 50k users have used our hack and not a single issue was found. But still somehow you face an issue, feel free to comment below. Our IT support team will be there for your help.

Updates: –

#1 – Made the algorithm faster by introducing changes in the code.

#2 – Added advanced Anti-ban scripts to protect your account from getting detected.

#3 – Changed the human verification step and made it much easier for you to complete. Now you just have to install an app in your mobile device to complete the anti-spam verification.

More updates will be added…

king of thieves cheats


So, we told you each and everything about the KOT hack. So, what are you waiting for? Just click on the links provided and start using the hack right now. Share it with your friends by clicking on the share buttons given below. Let them enjoy their game too and you also enjoy it. We at gameistar believe that games should be fun to play. That’s why we are making them fun for you by providing you these hack tools and cheats. Let’s summarize whatever we told you about our kot cheats engine.

  1. KOT hack provides you free gems and gold in King of Thieves game.
  2. It is 100% free to use and safe.
  3. To use it you just have to follow the instructions that we provided on this post.
  4. Our king of thieves hack is the best hack on the Internet. We told you about the features that makes it the best.
  5. We told you how this awesome piece of software works.
  6. Then we told you about some of the tips and tricks that you can apply in your game starting from today to become a good gamer.

So, that’s it folks. Start using the King of Thieves hack right now. Stay tuned for more hacks and cheats. Thanks for reading.


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